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The Fourth Annual Southern California Linux Expo

Glen Martin

Glen Martin brings 17 years of engineering and product development experience to his current role at SpikeSource, the open source IT services company. As Director, Mr. Martin is responsible for product requirements and planning, and for market and customer research. Prior to SpikeSource, he was Market Strategist at Sun Microsystems, where he managed J2EE market requirements. Before Sun Microsystems, he was Senior Product Engineer at Progress Software; Consulting Engineer with Object Design; and Member of the Technical Staff at Nortel. He holds a BS in computer science and mathematics from Simon Fraser University. Recent speaking engagements include MySQL Yser Conference, and multiple JavaOne events. He has authored articles for the Java Developers' Journal.

Participatory Testing

Traditional and existing open source testing methodologies are necessary and useful, but they do not take full advantage of the "architecture of participation," which makes open source development so powerful. SpikeSource's goal is to facilitate the adoption of open source software in the enterprise through testing, certification, and support services. SpikeSource has built a "Participatory Testing System" that allows developers to participate by testing their applications as the payload. The test submission service provides a collaborative testing environment for the open source community to contribute tests to help improve the quality of open source components. This talk presents an overview of how Participatory Testing can work as well as demonstrates associated interfaces and tool sets.