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The Fourth Annual Southern California Linux Expo

David Mandelstam

David Mandelstam As a pioneer in the connectivity hardware and software products for telephony, Wide Area Network (WAN) and the Internet, Founder/President/CEO of Sangoma Technologies, David Mandelstam, is responsible for overall management of the Company and its future strategic direction.

David and his research and development team focuses on Sangoma?s family of AFT (Advanced Flexible Telecommunication) T1/E1/J1 voice/data cards that are customized to work with Asterisk, the free Linux PBX software that is revolutionizing telecommunications on VoIP and conventional telephone networks.

Before starting Sangoma in 1984, David ran an engineering company and was engineering VP of an energy conservation company.

David holds a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, an M.Sc. in aerodynamics from the Cranfield Institute of Technology in the United Kingdom and a B.Comm. from the University of South Africa.

It's a whole new world -- open source at the PBX, ready for prime time

The low cost of PCs has enabled technology leaders to build powerful PC based routers, at a fraction of the cost of name brand routers. By installing low cost PCI based communications cards for E1, BRI, and FXS/FXO, in PCs running Linux or BSD, users can now deploy powerful routers that can also act as high performance PBX systems. With the advent of VoIP and the popularity of SIP, the dependency on the PSTN has not gone away.

This presentation will focus on hardware and software components required to build low cost router/PBX systems which utilize Open Source Applications such as Asterisk, YATE, OPAL and Aefirion to build PSTN Gateways to VoIP-based SIP, H323 systems. Linking Asterisk-based solutions to the SS7 network is also covered.

Presentation Slides: Powerpoint