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The Fourth Annual Southern California Linux Expo

Dan Kusnetzky

Dan Kusnetzky is responsible for corporate and marketing strategy for Open-Xchange worldwide. Most recently as vice president of IDC's System Software research, he was leading IDC's worldwide research and analysis activities for operating environments and virtualization software. Prior to his 11 years at IDC, he spent 15 years with Digital Equipment Corporation, where he was responsible for program and product management, and marketing in the areas of client software, server software, and clustered and networked systems.

During his tenure at IDC, Kusnetzky spoke at forums such as Comdex, Internet World Expo, Internet Commerce Expo, Linux World Expo, Linux Business Expo, UniForum, Unix Expo, PC Expo, DECworld, NetWorld, and specific vendor oriented user group conferences, as well as internal vendor-specific events such as marketing and sales meetings, field training, and partner recruitment. His opinions were published in publications such as Boston Globe, Byte, ComputerWorld, Communications Week, Information Week, InfoWorld, Investor's Business Daily, Network World, New York Times, PC Week, PC World, San Jose Mercury News, Wall Street Journal, and others. He also appeared on BBC, CNN, CNNfn, CNBC, MSNBC and on both NPR's All Things Considered and Marketplace.

Dynamic IT and the New Workplace

Organizations are increasingly depending upon a highly mobile workforce, one that is less and less likely to be sitting at a desk in an office somewhere. The new workplace is based upon technology that allows workers to collaborate, to access critical information, from wherever they are, from whatever device they choose, all in real time. This session explores how dynamic IT can support workers in the new workplace.