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The Fourth Annual Southern California Linux Expo

Ted Haeger

Ted Haeger has been advocating cutting edge enterprise technology for over a decade by using unconventional approaches to understanding and solving ongoing and emerging business problems. Ted has developed a reputation for being one of those rare technology marketers who actually implements and uses the technology he advocates. Ted's characteristically enthusiastic speaking style has earned him a humorous nick name: "Reverend Ted.. Today, he is responsible for connecting the worldwide community of avid Novell fans with Novell's business and technology direction. He blogs about his adventures in community marketing, open source, and Linux at

Desktop Innovation on Linux at Novell

Having pioneered and lead enterprise networking starting in the 1980's and through the 1990's, Novell has been making a radical shift to embrace open source software and Linux over the past three years. Novell's recent integration of two well-known Linux companies, Ximian and SuSE, have positioned Novell at the forefront of innovation on desktop Linux. Today at Novell, the leadership of open source luminaries such as Nat Friedman, Miguel de Icaza, and many others are driving desktop Linux forward at a phenomenal rate. This presentation will discuss and demonstrate some of the latest innovations that Novell has been putting into the SUSE Linux and the much anticipated release of Novell Linux Desktop 10 in 2006.

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