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The Fourth Annual Southern California Linux Expo

Andi Gutmas

Andi is one of the key architects of PHP. Having written a new language implementation from scratch that was officially released as PHP 3.0. Andi continues to play a leadership role in the PHP community, and is a member of both the PHP Group and the Apache Software Foundation. Recently, Andi spearheaded the Zend Engine II's object-oriented improvements for the newly released PHP 5 release. Additionally, he brings a rich background in enterprise software development including real-time avionics simulation software and n-tier J2EE applications.

A Look at the Current and Future Face of PHP

During the last 10 years, PHP has gained significant momentum with now more than 22 million Web domains running PHP. The open source web language has now reached the point of maturity where organizations are seeking standard tools and solutions that will further facilitate application development with PHP.

Zend and PHP co-founder, Andi Gutmans will talk about the current state of PHP including the current versions PHP 5x and what they offer developers building web applications. He will also take a look at some of the changes developers can expect to find in the newer versions of PHP in terms of functionality as well as a preview of what users can look forward to in PHP 6 - He will also cover the new PHP framework everybody is talking about.