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The Fourth Annual Southern California Linux Expo

Tim Frichtel

Tim Frichtel is the IT Director for the corporate office of a Los Angeles based public company supporting 100 employees. Before that he was an IS Manager for the US Air Force, and before that he managed acquisition of Satellite Communications Systems. He has a Bachelors in Electrical/Computer Engineering and an MBA. He's presented on various OSS projects at the SGVLUG and LULA user groups. This is his 4th year running a booth at SCALE.

Implementing VoIP with Asterisk for Business

Target Audience: Anyone new to Asterisk considering it for use in a business. Will discuss some technical details, but mostly an overview/ mid-level lessons learned. We just replaced an Nortel Meridian with Asterisk based Switchvox.


  • General intro to VoIP
  • Discussion of Asterisk features (voicemail, conferencing etc)
  • Interfacing with PSTN - Analog and T-1
  • Building a PoE network - costs and gotchas
  • Selecting hardphones - Cisco/Polycom/other
  • What it takes to provision
    • The phones
    • The server
    • The PSTN interface
  • Training and support issues
  • Redundancy and backup
  • Admin issues
  • Getting support & training, certification
  • Comparisons to a Nortel Meridian PBX
  • Lessons learned

Presentation Slides: PDF