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The Fourth Annual Southern California Linux Expo

Andrew Farley

One of those computer wunderkinds, Andrew excelled early in his youth at gaming, then programming and H/W and S/W design. While attending technical college, he co-founded NeonSurge and created the first LANDisk - a custom Linux kernel on a single-board computer. NeonSurge has also created biometric devices, custom media content servers, an award-winning game, and web sites. One of his latest products is a Linux-based multi-port, cross-platform fax server. Andrew's technical interests include scripting languages, WiFi, game programming, cryptography and security.


Overview of orthodox large storage technologies:

  • Drives
  • Controllers and HBAs
  • Servers
  • Aggregation Methods
Next Gen technology ATA over Ethernet
  • Already In Linux Kernel
  • Impact On File Systems
  • Impact On Users And Host Systems
  • Aggregating Storage
  • Dynamically Increasing Storage
  • New Cost Model
  • Performance Variables
  • Demonstrations