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The Fourth Annual Southern California Linux Expo

Matthew Excell

Mr. Excell has 15 years of experience as a technical consultant, Chief Engineer, Chief Architect, and Chief Information Officer for companies such as Sun Microsystems, Micron PC, Triad Cellular/Cellular One, Southern Utah University, and many others.

He has contributed code and architecture development to numerous open source projects including Compiere, OpenEMR, the Apache JServ Project, and the Linux Kernel. He assisted in the technical review and development of the Sun Microsystems Java Architect Exam, Java Programmer Exam and Java Developer Exam.

Mr. Excell studied computer science, digital engineering, and business at Utah State University, Southern Utah University, and Western Governors University and he is currently completing his MBA with a specialty in Information Systems Management at Western Governors University. He is currently CEO of The Possibility Forge, Inc.

Compiere's Open Source ERP&CRM in the Enterprise

An overview of Compiere from it's inception 6 years ago and appearance on Source Forge to it's robust feature set, requirements, and some key business and technical advantages.