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The Third Annual Southern California Linux Expo

David Uhlman

David Uhlman is the CEO of Uversa Inc, a San Diego and Phoenix based custom software company. He have been very involved with KPLUG, SDPHP, and even some of the LA LUGS. Uversa Inc. is a 25 person company and offers a unique kind of custom software based on Free & Open Source components, we actively contribute to several projects including ClearHealth(OpenEMR), XRMS, XOOPS, and OsCommerce.

Open Source Business Applications

This talk offers a fast paced cross section of the 100 best Free & Open Source business applications available today. From web based tools to destktop and mobile applications we look at projects offering ecommerce, project management, portals, accounting, communication as well as some things a little more obscure. Specifically including expanded looks at EzyBiz, GNUe, PHPCollab, XRMS, Jabber, POSSuite, DevTracker, Planner, power using Open Office, and more. Regardless of whether you are running Linux or Windows there are application suites that can be used in your business.