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The Third Annual Southern California Linux Expo

Dennis Rex

Dennis a business development manager for VERITAS and have been in the computer industry for almost 30 years - everything from field service and management to UNIX system sales in major accounts. His foray into Linux began about two years ago after a "last straw" moment with Windows, thinking that there must be a better way.

With a background in radio, Dennis was drawn to wireless networking and have made it a bit of a hobby. Because there are some unique challenges to wireless in a Linux context, he try to share his experiences with others whenever he can.

Wireless Linux for Beginners

  • Wireless choices - 802.11A, B, G
  • Available devices - USB, PCI, PC Card, Ethernet adapters
  • It's what's inside that counts. Wireless chipsets - the good, the bad,
  • the ugly
  • Finding and installing the right driver
  • Wireless settings and utilities
  • Basic security tips
  • Resources and links