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The Third Annual Southern California Linux Expo

Walt Pennington

Walt Pennington is President of Pennington Firm. Pennington Firm, based in San Diego, California, provides commercial support for open source business applications in two core areas: medical and CRM. Walt Pennington is an attorney and CPA and has been involved in providing technology services since 1998.


Pennington Firm is a San Diego based open source software development company with clients throughout North America including medical clinics, medical claims processing companies, medical billing companies and government departments of health. Pennington Firm is the core development team for OpenEMR. OpenEMR has contributors such as medical clinics, non-governmental organizations and consulting companies.

Walt Pennington will discuss prominent users of open source medical applications, including the departments of health, medical claim processing companies, medical billing companies and medical clinics.

Discussion topics include:
Open source medical applications(OpenEMR, OpenHRE, CHLCare, FreeMED, OSCAR); and Open source CRM applications (XRMS and SugarCRM).