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The Third Annual Southern California Linux Expo

Ted Gould

Ted Gould is one of the founding developers of the Inkscape project. He is working to make Inkscape more extensible through plugins and scripts. He is also a member of the GNOME foundation and a Linux PPC user. He prefers vi. Other interests include photography and hiking with his wife.

Linux Desktop development using SVG

The SVG standard is an XML definition for vectored graphics defined by the W3C. Targeted at the web, this standard is being integrated into Open Source Desktops. Inkscape is an open-source cross-platform graphical illustration program based on the SVG graphics standard. Inkscape allows users to create graphics for the web, desktop, cell phone or PDA with an easy to use interface implementing the majority of the SVG program. Inkscape is listed by many as one of the top Linux applications and it is working to assist in the "SVG Revolution" across the Linux desktop. This presentation will cover basics of the SVG standard, use of SVG in the Linux desktop, and an introduction to creating SVG graphics with Inkscape.