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The Third Annual Southern California Linux Expo

Kevin Foreman

Kevin Foreman is General Manager, Helix Initiative at RealNetworks, Inc. He has been at RealNetworks for 5 years, in a number of managerial roles including running the Tools & Authoring Products Group and the Developer & Partners Relations Group.

Prior to RealNetworks, Mr. Foreman worked for 5 years in various product and program management roles at Avid Technology, the world?s leading non-linear video-editing company. Prior to this, he held several sales and sales management positions at Digital Equipment Corporation.

Open Source Multimedia

Where's the video? The open source community has made great strides in operating systems, databases, web servers, and desktop productivity, to name a few, but is still in desperate need of first-class audio and video experiences. Without world-class A/V applications, proprietary environments will continue to develop and prosper. Looking at current trends and future predictions, this keynote address will discuss the state of open source multimedia today and what needs to be done to ensure that the future of open source development remains bright.