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The Third Annual Southern California Linux Expo

Randy Dunlap

Holding a Masters degree in Information and Computer Science from Georgia Tech, Randy Dunlap has spent over 25 years in the field of software development and hardware/software co-design and co-development. He has worked with an array of systems and networks including multi-user minicomputers (operating systems, firmware, and communications software development), NetWare network drivers and SCSI drivers. Prior to joining OSDL, Dunlap was the Linux USB subsystem maintainer while at Intel.

The Linux Kernel Janitors Project: Getting Involved in Linux Development

This talk begins with a description of the Linux kernel janitors project and how it works, then moves on to how anyone can become involved in kernel patches and development. It discusses working via mailing lists, etiquette, documentation, patch formats, working with maintainers, and some examples, then proceeds to related projects and tools and how to use them. It wraps us with a summary of the OSDL and its Linux projects.