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The Third Annual Southern California Linux Expo

Shalendra Chhabra

Shalendra Chhabra is a Graduate Student at Computer Science and Engineering Department , University of California, Riverside. His research interests are Peer to Peer Networks, Security, Social Networks and Spam Filtering. Mr. Chhabra has done projects and presentations on topics of SSL, Peer to Peer Networks, Engineering Systems and Spam Filtering at INRIA, LSV, FRANCE; University of Milan, ITALY; Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL) and recently at MIT Spam Conference 2005.


During this 1 hour beginner tutorial we will touch on the following key items:

  • Cryptography, Its Goals and Cryptographic Algorithms
  • An Overview of Secure Socket Layer Protocol/Transport Layer Security Protocol.
  • Architecture of TLS v 1.1
  • The OpenSource Cryptographic Library OpenSSL for implementing SSL
  • Command Line Interface of OpenSSL
  • Certificates and Obtaining a Certificate using OpenSSL.
  • Some simple C programs demonstrating the use of SSL Protocol.
  • SSLDump