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Last year, we invited many prominent members of the Linux and Open Source Community to speak at the first annual Southern California Linux Expo. Those who gave presentations at SCALE included Robert Love (Linux kernel developer, author of the preemptive kernel patch), Rasmus Lerdorf (Author of PHP), and Marc Hamilton (Director of Global Education and Research, Sun Microsystems).

We are working hard to bring out another great set of speakers to inform and enlighten the audience about Linux and Open Source Software. If you know someone that is interested, or if you are interested in seeing a particular speaker, please contact us.

2003 Speakers Include:

  • William Irwin, Senior kernel developer who works on improvising the memory management functionality.
  • Andrew Morton, Main kernel developer, the heralded maintainer of Linux kernel 2.6.
  • Dan Frye, Founder and Director of the IBM Linux Technology Center, core team member of US Govt Presidential Information Technology Advisory Committee on Open Source.
  • Adam Agnew, Active developer, LinuxBIOS.
  • Matt Asay, Chairman, Novell's Open Source Review Board.
  • Jeremy White, CEO of Codeweavers Inc.
  • Jim McQuillan, Founder and project leader of the Linux Terminal Server Project.
  • Robin Rowe, Founder of the Linux Movies Group, Project Leader of CinePaint.
  • Chris DiBona, Advocate and contributor to the Open Source community.
  • Patrick Mochel, Kernel Developer.
  • Charles Kalil, Information Systems Manager, the City of Garden Grove.
  • Dan Kegel, Software developer, Linux advocate.
  • John Terpstra, Samba Cofounder, former VP at Caldera.
  • Christopher Montgomery, Lead Programer and Founder of
  • Seth Nickell, Interaction Designer,
  • Paul Eggert, UCLA CS Professor, GNU software developer.
  • Ray Steding, Founder, Linux Public Broadcasting Network.

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