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The So Cal Linux Expo Is Primed and Ready

The Second Annual So Cal Linux Expo is ready. This is your opportunity to put your finger on the pulse of Linux.

Here's what's lined up for you:

Eighteen speakers in three seminar tracks: "Kernel and Systems"; "Developer Issues in Userspace" and "Altruism, Advocacy And Evangelism". SCALE has forty booths across the spectrum of Linux interests, from IBM, Novell and other vendors with their products, to the LUGs with their topics.

Here's what they'll bring to the Expo floor:

  • Simi-Conejo Valley LUG: Linux Based PVRs
  • INLUG: The C-58e Processor
  • SoCalWUG: Wireless Networking
  • Kernel Panic LUG: KDE & GNOME
  • LinuxChix: Jabber
  • San Gabriel Valley LUG: CinePaint
  • Orange County LUG: VPN's and WINE
  • San Fernando Valley LUG: Speach Recognition
  • Santa Barbara LUG: Operating System and Hardware Emulation
  • USC LUG: Gentoo Games
Additionally, these Open Source Software organizations will also have booths at SCALE:
  • Debian
  • Free Software Foundation
  • FreeBSD
  • LPBN - Linux Public Broadcasting Network
  • LinuxFund
  • The Linux Terminal Server Project
  • Linux Astronomy
After the Expo closes, there will be a special screening of the film "Revolution OS", which covers the years during which Linux grew phenomenally. After the screening the Director, J.T.S. Moore will answer questions.

All SCALE needs now is YOU. If you haven't ordered your ticket yet, go to and join hundreds of other forward-looking technical folks at SCALE2X!

The Southern California Linux Expo - We are bringing businesses, academic institutions and the Linux community together in a way that no other conference does!


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