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June Press Release - Sponsors and Speakers Join SCALE 2X

The Linux Expo of Southern California, a joint effort of the USC, UCLA, and Simi-Conejo Linux Users Groups, is proud to announce speakers for the SCALE 2X lecture tracks.

The Linux Expo of Southern California, a joint effort of the USC, UCLA, and Simi-Conejo Linux Users Groups, is proud to announce that these speakers have been added to the SCALE 2X lecture tracks:

William Irwin, kernel developer, is currently employed with IBM. He mainly works on the linux MM subsystem. His other interests include chess, mathematics and functional programming.

Andrew Morton, kernel developer, currently works in Palo Alto for Digeo Inc. His main contributions to the kernel are parts of ext3 filesystem alongwith Ted Tso, low latency patch alongwith Ingo Molnar and currently working on the linux Memory management subsystem. He is heralded as the to-be maintainer of the 2.6 kernel which is to be released in a few months.

Dan Frye, Director of IBM's Linux Technology Center. In 1998 when IBM was considering new technologies to pursue, Dan suggested Linux. Since then IBM has become one of Linux's biggest corporate backers. Now IBM has hundreds of people working to make Linux better.

Adam Agnew has been active with the LinuxBIOS project since 2000. His research with the Maryland Information Systems Security Lab at the University of Maryland has been fruitful in unlocking the secrets of commercial BIOSes and implementing trusted booting in open source. He now works as an independent contractor based out of Albany, NY.

Paul Usavage, Lockheed Martin.

And we're proud to announce that these companies have joined SCALE 2X as sponsors:

Sun Microsystems

Sun was founded with one driving vision. A vision of computers that talk to each other no matter who built them. A vision in which technology works for you, not the other way around. While others protected proprietary, stand-alone architectures, we focused on taking companies into the network age, providing systems and software with the scalability and reliability needed to drive the electronic marketplace. Since 1982, Sun has established a history of innovation and leadership.

MSC Software

MSC.Software Corporation is the leading global provider of simulation software, with related services and systems, that help companies make money, save time and reduce costs associated with designing and testing manufactured products.


IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM Software offers the widest range of middleware and operating systems for all types of computing platforms, allowing customers to take full advantage of the new era of e-business.

Linux Journal

"Our mission is to serve the Linux community and to promote the use of Linux worldwide. As more and more people see Linux as a viable alternative to traditional OSes, Linux is increasingly being used as a primary operating system. Linux Journal focuses specifically on Linux and other open-source OSes, allowing the content to be a highly specialized source of information for open-source enthusiasts."


OSDN, the Open Source Development Network, is the most dynamic community-driven IT media network on the web. The cornerstone of the Open Source community, OSDN attracts every level of IT decision maker and buyer, from CTOs to project managers. Technologists, developers and system administrators turn to OSDN sites to create, debate, and make or break IT news, tools, technologies and techniques. OSDN delivers more than 150 million page views and reaches 8.8 million unique visitors per month.

McGraw Hill/Osborne Media

McGraw Hill/Osborne Media is the global leader to millions of business, energy, construction and aerospace and defense professionals who rely on our information, insight and solutions to stay competitive in their fields and succeed in the global economy. They are BusinessWeek, the Aviation Week Group, Platts, McGraw-Hill Construction, McGraw-Hill Broadcasting stations and our Healthcare Information Group, all focused on customer needs and enabling success.

The Linux Fund

Linux Fund's mission is to advance the art of the Open Source by granting scholarships to university students who show promise as Open Source developers, and by issuing development grants for projects which may not be suitable for commercial or volunteer efforts but which will enhance the long-term vitality of the Open Source.


DigiLink, Southern California's premiere Internet Service Provider, is very pleased to be a sponsor of the Southern California Linux Expo. Unlike many ISP's, who seem to be only capable of supporting Windows based-users and large commercial software packages, DigiLink is proud of our long history of cross-platform support. We are very technical organization and have long embraced open source solutions. We salute the efforts of the many forward-thinking Linux users in our area.

ComputerUser Magazine

ComputerUser is the advocate for users of computer-related technology. That's any person who uses computer technology among our target readership. This list includes developers, programmers, administrators, help-desk representatives, systems analysts, and end-users, among others. And we don't just solve technology-related problems for our readers; we serve as advocates for their whole computing lives. This includes strong emphases on career planning and training, and opinion pieces that help them put computing in proper perspective.

SCALE 2X will be November 22nd, 2003 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. For up to the minute information, including complete lists of speakers and their bios, and sponsor info, check

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