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So Cal Linux Expo Follow-up

SCALE2X is Over! It was, by all measures, a complete success. The SCALE committee had set a year over year growth of 25%, and we made that, with 25% more booths, all filled, and with 800 people passing through the doors.

The seminars were well-attended, there was continual foot traffic through the aisles (especially during the break between talks), and the energy level was high everywhere.

Some comments by a few of the exhibitors:

We had a great time at SCALE. It was our first expo we've done and we found SCALE convenient as we are an LA-based company and the caliber of companies that exhibited at SCALE were top notch, so were the speakers. So from that standpoint we were very happy.

We hope to come back for SCALE 3 and if I may make a suggestion, that would be to add some kind of visitor tracking on the badges, some kind of card reader would enable exhibitors to do follow up marketing. We understand that SCALE is not Linux Wold but I would like to see SCALE become a premier Linux conference in So Cal.

Best regards,

Dev Mazumdar
4Front Technologies

Thanks for your nice message and for all your patience and flexibility in getting Pearson signed on as an exhibitor. I enjoyed working with you. Author/Speaker John Terpstra was very pleased with his experience at the conference - I spoke with him earlier this week.

Congratulations! And keep in touch.

Heather Fox, Publicist
Addison-Wesley & Prentice Hall PTR

Please let me take this opportunity to let you know your group did an excellent job of presenting the show. If you need a speaker on careers in Linux, obtaining different Linux certification, or the information technology market in general: we will be happy to provide you with speakers for your next event. We look forward to working with you for your next show in Los Angeles.

Charles Pascal
Marketing director
ABCO Technology

Please give my thanks to the team for putting on another good show. I hope I will make it out there for SCALE 3. Keep up the good work.

Fant Steele
SR I/T Technical Specialist for iSeries America's ATS

I wanted to congratulate you on putting on the best SCALE conference yet. You and your colleagues must be very proud and quite pleased with the quality and the increase in overall attendance.

From my perspective at our booth there was representation from all walks of life, including business, newbies, advanced FOSS users, your average "Joe", and even a few kids. I didn't see anyone from Government or Educational areas, but then again I didn't talk to everyone :-)

Such conferences are so important in that we have an opportunity to exchange ideas and catch up with our friends in a very concentrated way and SCALE really serves the purpose of pulling together the entire S. Calif community for at least one day out of the year.

Anyhow I could go on and on, but just wanted to thank you so much for all of your groups creativity and hard work that made all of it possible.


Ismet Kursunoglu, MD, FCCP
Medical Director, Orbitonix

Just a quick note to say thanks for all the work you and the other SCALE organizers put into SCALE. It was a remarkable event ... I really don't have the words for how impressed I was with the overall organization and quality of the presentations.

Kudos, Kudos, Kudos. A job well done. I look forward to next year's SCALE 3x :)

Sharon Michelle, LinuxChix of LA

Thanks again for organizing a most excellent event! We look forward to the next one.

Best regards,

Andrew P. Ho, M.D.

We've already begun planning for S3X. The easiest way to keep up with developments is to subscribe to the scale-announce mailing list. Stay tuned!

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