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Genesi is a new company that has deep roots in its people who come from various segments of the computer industry. Genesi has two core groups for operating system development and electronics engineering that have worked together to create an open hardware platform that provides exciting possibilities for many markets.

Genesi's new hardware platform is called Pegasos. The IBM/Motorola PowerPC(tm) family of processors was selected to drive the Pegasos system. Genesi's engineers created an open hardware platform based on the CHRP motherboard standard for the PowerPC and selected Open Firmware so that many operating systems can work easily on the Pegasos platform.

To compliment the Pegasos and provide a complete solution, Genesi has developed MorphOS - a preemptive multitasking operating system. MorphOS combines a modest footprint with scalability, high performance, and amazin ease of use for developers and end users. Its beautifully designed interface and modular object-oriented design offers a modern solution.

Genesi will display several machines running MorphOS 1.4 and different versions of Linux, including Debian Linux, a live bootable CD of Gentoo Linux, Mandrake 9, as well as Mac on Linux. In addition to standard applications, the Pegasos machines will demonstrate its capability for With Full Screen DVD Playback DVD Ripping / DIVX encoding, Streaming Internet Radio with file download and more...

Together Pegasos and MorphOS provide a singularly powerful solution for both personal and professional applications! The Pegasos and three of the available operating systems will bear the Ready for IBM logo.


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