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4Front Technologies

4Front Technologies develops audio solutions for Linux and UNIX operating systems. 4Front's major products are Open Sound System, X MultiMedia System and OSS/3D.

Open Sound System:

Open Sound System (OSS) is an audio architecture to support digital audio and MIDI on Linux and UNIX operating systems. Open Sound System is essentially a set of device drivers that provide a uniform API across all the major processor architectures and support popular off-the-shelf sound cards. Applications written to the OSS API are source code compatible across all supported platforms. OSS is supported by a large number of open source as well as commercial audio applications for audio recording and playback, MIDI music synthesis, speech recognition and generation, video and DVD playback, video conferencing, VOIP, video games and Java audio applications.

More information is available at

X MultiMedia System:

4Front Technologies is also the main developer for X MultiMedia System (XMMS). XMMS is a multimedia player that supports CD audio, MP3, Ogg, Wav, MOD, MIDI, MPEG, DVD and a variety of other audio and video formats. XMMS provides an easy to use GUI with features for music visualization, GUI skins, and many other features. More information on XMMS is available at:


OSS/3D comprises of a set of proprietary audio quality enhancement DSPs that provide audio spatialization, depth perception, bass boost, fidelity enhancement, audio restoration, speaker/headphone parameters correction and additional high quality technologies. OSS/3D works with standard 2-speaker stereo systems, and is compatible to surround decoders. More information on on OSS/3D is available at:

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