Guest Post: Charm School at SCALE

Guest Blogger: Jorge Castro

juju is a new deployment tool for the cloud by Ubuntu that provides "service orchestration". It has been likened to "apt for the cloud". juju is for system adminstrators who need a tool that can deploy what you need to the cloud quickly and repeatably.

With Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Long Term Support) coming in April, we're looking to train and educate users on how you can use juju effectively and put it to work. juju uses what we call "charms", which are scripts that encapsulate best practices for a service. Charms can be written in any language you like and more importantly, we've built in sharing and extending charms with other people as part of a simple and fun process.

Here's some sessions we'll be running at SCaLE:

- juju - DevOps Distilled- This will be our general presentation about juju. Why do you need it? What problems can you solve with it? How is it different from other tools? (This presentation will be held at 3pm on Saturday in Los Angeles B)

- juju Charm School - This will be an indepth hands on workshop for turning your trusty old deployment script into a reusable juju charm. We'll go over some use cases for cloud deployments, how you can form relations between charms, and how to scale it all up. If you're working on a project that can deploy in the cloud and want to make it a breeze for Ubuntu Cloud users to do so, then this is the session for you! (Juju Charm School will be held on Friday at 2:30pm in the Marina room. There is no charge to attend Charm School)

Whether you're in the public cloud or building your own internal private cloud, you can use juju to save time and effort doing deployments, we hope you join us. Clint Byrum and I will be available to answer any question about juju (and Ubuntu Cloud in general). Look for us and come chat with us about Ubuntu: