Guest Post: Don Marti - SCALE Poker!

Guest Post: Don Marti

Down with "grinding" in games! My least favorite activity in a game is mindlessly clicking and collecting. You won't catch me playing Cow Clicker or any of its imitators. I'd prefer a challenge.

Off the Internet, my least favorite grinding games are the ones where you have to go around to the booths at a trade show to collect stamps. Where's the play value in that?

Birds of a Feather Signups Now Open

Have a passion you'd like to share? Have a community you'd like to connect with? Want some open discussion on a topic? Create or join a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session  after the Friday and Saturday talks.

SCaLE 11x will continue the tradition of providing space for groups to meet and discuss their common interests. The BoFs will be Friday and Saturday nights, February 22nd and 23rd. The first BoFs start at 19:00 and the last start at 22:00.

Interview: Jorge Castro - Juju

Video Interview by Eric Van Johnson

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Jorge Castro of Canonical and discussed Juju, MaaS, Ubuntu Cloud, and his upcoming presentations and workshop at SCALE 11x

"The Cloud" has made building environments quicker and more dynamic however managing these deployments can still be a challenge. Canonical, the good people who bring us Ubuntu, have created an Open Source project to help with this process called Juju ( Juju helps you manage your deployments by turning the deployment process itself into a service allowing you to connect several different systems and services in one seamless effort.

You can catch Jorge and learn more about Juju at the Eleventh Annual Southern California Linux Expo, February 22-24, 2013 at the Hilton Los Angeles International Airport.

INTERVIEW: Matthew Garrett

We had a chance to sit down with Matthew Garrett, SCALE 11x keynote speaker, to discuss his upcoming keynote "The Secure Boot Journey" as well as a host of other topics including the future directions of Linux.

SCALE: Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background?

Guest Post - Phillip Banks - SCALE 11x FOSS Tours

SCALE is not your grandfather’s convention so neither should the experience be. There are a lot of exhibitors to see and too many things you want to get your hands on. Our two full ballrooms of exhibits can be overwhelming to some. All our exhibitors want you to hear about their product, solution or mission and we definitely have worked hard to get the people in front of you that offer the most bang for the open source buck.

Interview: Kyle Rankin

We had a chance to sit down with Kyle Rankin, SCALE 11x keynote speaker, to discuss his upcoming keynote as well as a host of other topics including 3D printing, Linux desktops and whether Jorge Castro is the barometer for cool technology.

SCALE: Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background?

Guest Post: Dru Lavigne - BSD at SCALE 11x

While the 'L' in SCALE stands for Linux, we like to think that as an event and a community we are welcoming to all open-source platforms. We have never been Linux specific. With this in mind, we have invited Dru Lavigne to write a guest post about activities from the BSD community at SCALE 11x. -Ilan 

Guest Post by: Dru Lavigne - Chair, BSD Certification Group

Members of the various BSD communities are pleased to announce that there will once again be a strong BSD presence at SCALE 11x.

Second Keynote Selected

The Southern California Linux Expo SCALE 11X is pleased to announce that Kyle Rankin will give the second keynote at the expo in February.

Rankin, the System Engineering Lead for Artemis Internet, Inc., will present the Sunday SCALE 11X keynote on “Practical 3D Printing and the Open Source Community.”

SCALE TNG: Call for Speakers

Know any budding teenage computer scientists? SCALE The Next Generation would give them a great opportunity to share their expertise and excitement about Free/Open Source Software and Hardware with other young people at the upcoming SCALE 11X.

Submitting a proposal is fast and easy.  Simply register an account on the SCALE web site and then submit your proposal at the following address: