SCALE Linux Training Class fills up!

The Linux Installfest + Training Class is full!

Conducted by trainers from OneSource Course and assisted by SCALE volunteers, this class has proven since its inception to be consistently popular.

Attendees will install Linux on a personal computer during a  Saturday morning installfest, then be trained in the basics of system maintenance in the afternoon.

I'll be at SCALE 13x!

With SCALE 13x fast approaching we wanted to help everyone let the Internet at large know that they'll be at the show.  We've created a series of web badges that can be displayed on your personal website, Twitter account, Facebook page or anywhere else online letting your friends and followers know you'll be attending or speaking at SCALE 13x.

Volunteer Call for SCALE 13x

SCALE 13x is just around the corner. And this time, it's one day more. At the same price too! Being a totally volunteer driven event, we are looking for people that can help in all areas, including registration, room management, AV, expo floor management and runners. 
Some of our current chairs are graduates of this program, and they worked their way up from stuffing bags to handling registration lines, to eventually running full events at SCALE (If you've been to the SCALE party, you know what I mean).

BoF registration open for SCALE 13x

Have a passion you'd like to share? Is there a community you want to connect with at SCALE? Want some open discussion on a topic?

If so, create or join a BoF as SCALE 13x will continue the tradition of providing space for groups to meet and discuss their common interests.

BoFs will run on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, the 19th, 20t, and 21st of February.


With SCALE 13x fast approaching the schedule of events will be online & available very soon.  In the interim we wanted to give everyone a quick update on what to expect at SCALE 13x.  As many of you have noticed we have added an additional day this year, SCALE will begin on Thursday February 19th.  SCALE Thursday will be dedicated to specialty session tracks, these will be similar and in addition to the tracks that have traditionally populated the Friday schedule.  The list and schedule of the Thursday events will be published along with the SCALE 13x schedule.

A message from Lawrence Lessig

Hello SCALErs:

I was grateful for the chance to present at the SCALE conference last Friday, and especially grateful for the feedback and ideas. If you’d like to share the talk with others, it is CC licensed (surprise surprise!) and available here.

At the end of my talk, I made a pretty strong ask for volunteers who might be willing to lend some of their technical skills to the cause. Appropriately enough, the link that I had provided died earlier in the day, so any offers to help were lost. I am endlessly indebted to the organizers of SCALE for allowing me to make this followup pitch: If you’re willing to help, we (obviously) need it. Just send an email to with a description of the sort of commitment/skills you can offer, and if helpful, a description of your background.

Thank you again to SCALE and to you. There’s an enormous amount of work to be done, but I am hopeful you will make it much easier!

-Lawrence Lessig