Jérôme Petazzoni

Docker Tinkerer Extraordinaire
Docker Inc.

Jérôme Petazzoni works for Docker inc (formerly dotCloud Inc.), where he juggles between evangelist and devops duties. He is one of the most active contributors on the Docker mailing lists, always willing to help existing and potential users of Docker and Linux Containers in general. He also contributed some key features to Docker, like the ability to recursively run Docker within Docker.

In his past lives, he also co-founded Enix, french provider for cloud and virtualization services since 2005. He holds a Master's Degree in Fundamental and Applied Computer Science from the University of Marne-la-Vallée in Paris, France. When Docker Inc. was still dotCloud Inc., he was managing the team responsible for the uptime of the dotCloud PaaS and its hundreds of thousands of containers.

When he's not hacking on his computer, he can be seen cooking, or heard playing the piano, the bass, or the theremin.