Workshop: Tour de Data Types


Ever wondered what might be the best data type for a certain use case? Is it better to use INTEGER or BIGINT, and should you use TIMESTAMP or is it better to use TIMESTAMPTZ? When was the last time you migrated a legacy database and wondered what to use as replacement for VARCHAR2 or  CHAR(255)? How should you store IP addresses or geographical data, does that fit into VARCHAR or is there something more suitable?


PostgreSQL 12 comes with around 40 different data types pre-installed.

This workshop introduces the most common PostgreSQL data types, shows examples and use cases. We also dive into some lesser known - but even more useful - data types.

The course is hands-on, you can participate by running the examples on your own laptop. An archive with the examples will be distributed before the workshop.


  1. If you want to run the examples, you must have PostgreSQL installed (any supported version will do).
  2. You also need to be familiar how to connect to PostgreSQL, execute queries, and copy and paste examples from an editor into the database.
Room 104
Friday, March 6, 2020 - 09:30 to 12:30