Workshop: POP Culture: An intro to Plugin Oriented Programming


Plugin Oriented Programing, also known as POP, is a new programming paradigm and open source project developed by SaltStack. This introduction will help you learn how POP works and how to get started with a new POP project. 
Like any programming paradigm, learning POP means thinking about programming differently. Using POP to create a plugin oriented project is easy. In this talk we'll look at ways POP breaks new ground in:

- Memory management
- Dealing with complexity
- Subs and patterns
- App merging

POP is designed to make Salt modules, and other software development projects, even easier to write and extend. Following the POP model, this course will provide insight into two of the newest and most exciting Salt projects. First, Salt Umbra is the new AI/ML module. Attendees will be introduced to SaltStack event-driven automation fed by analysis of infrastructure trends and diverse data sets, and machine recommendations. Second, Salt Heist is a modernized, standalone implementation of Salt SSH. Salt Heist will work with Python 3.6, Salt POP and asyncIO.
We will provide a demonstration of POP in action. Attend this workshop to see the future of application development through the lens of POP.

Room 212
Friday, March 6, 2020 - 10:00 to 13:00