Logging and Stream Processing on the Edge


Logging and stream processing are always handled as separate entities. In this presentation, we will demonstrate our experience, use cases and how we are taking Logging pipelines to the next level.

In Fluent Bit, we have implemented full stream processing capabilities offering the ability to perform data calculation based on Aggregation, Timeseries data Forecasting, and the creation of Streams of data based on results. Logging is no longer only about data collection and shipping, it's beyond that: the ability to gather data insights.

This is pure innovation on mixing concepts with a stable implementation, no other tooling available provide the same capabilities at the moment. Uniqueness:

- security: no need to send sensitive data to remote end-points

- performance: faster feedback loop. No indexing wait time.

- network: reduce network traffic. Deliver just results.

ref: https://fluentbit.io

Ballroom F
Sunday, March 8, 2020 - 15:00 to 16:00