Introduction to OpenSCAD: Coding 3D Things for Fun... and Profit?


What is OpenSCAD, what is it good for, and why might you care? OpenSCAD is coding for creating 3D CAD objects perfect for 3D printing. With it coders can create art, artists can code things and hobbyists can pick up new hobbies.

This presentation will cover getting started creating with OpenSCAD, ways for both coders and non-coders to succeed, and how to get to the point of creating your first 3D printed objects. Learn some tricks to get over initial roadblocks, methods for working more efficiently, possible paths for making money, and most of all how to have fun with coding actual objects.


  • Introduction
  • Comparison to other tools
  • When is OpenSCAD a good choice?
  • When is OpenSCAD not as strong?
  • Structure of the language
  • Key concepts
  • Land of the declarative tree
  • Variables are not variable
  • Details of the language
  • Math is your friend (and easier when you can see it)
  • Animation is for debugging?!?!
  • Slicers – what and why
  • Printing tricks
  • When (not if) printing fails
  • Where to share
  • Making money
  • Having fun




Room 101
Sunday, March 8, 2020 - 13:30 to 14:30