How Fast Was My Cluster?


Sure you CAN host a stateful application on Kubernetes, but SHOULD you?  What kind of performance do you see on various storage configurations? Is it fast, is it slow, or is it something in between?


For the last year, we've have been testing PostgreSQL, etcd, CockroachDB, SQL Server and other databases running in Openshift and Kubernetes clusters in order to see what overhead, throughput and response times are like.  We've tested in the cloud and on bare metal, with various benchmarks and storage types including local volumes, cloud storage, and the Rook/Ceph Operator. We'll also include testing on different network overlays done by our colleagues. Find out tour findings on where cloud native database hosting shines -- and where it doesn't.


Attendees will learn how to evaluate when Kubernetes is an appropriate location for their stateful applications, as well as testing methods and configuration tips for best performance. Best of all, we will point you to easy tools for doing your own benchmarking.

Ballroom B
Friday, March 6, 2020 - 15:00 to 15:45