The DevOps Roast


In a world, where DevOps means almost nothing and everything, or sometimes just "Ops, but nicer to devs and with cloud and GitHub", one being among all of us is willing to stand up and laugh in the face of inertia.


Bring your DevOps rage, love and tears, and we'll distill them into 120 proof beligerance.


- GitHub, much like ethernet hubs, is what you use when you want to be sure no more than 10 people can communicate with each other.

- AWS, because who else is going to repackage free, widely available tools as exhorbitantly expensive services?

- Ansible, how did we ever SSH without YAML?

- Rust, yes, let's rewrite everything in the hardest language to be invented since greek just so we can free security researchers from their favorite passtime of exploting obvious bugs in C and C++ programs.


The list goes ON!

Ballroom DE
Friday, March 6, 2020 - 13:30 to 14:00