Ell Marquez
Audience: Beginner

The number one question that someone starting out with container technology always seems to have is "Where do I get started?" While this appears to be a simple question for some, as the quick responses are "Read the docs" or "What questions do you have?" What happens, though, when the docs look like they were written in Greek and you didn't manage to take that one Greek language elective in high school?

Abraham Ingersoll, Michael Goodness
Topic: Observability

Let’s have fun digging into observability tooling from simple red-yellow-green active checks to the latest measure-everything cloud native bleeding edge technologies. While ignoring our pagers, we will dashboard through the history and evolution of monitoring within heterogeneous large-scale environments. We will showcase typical end-users and the tooling anti-patterns they beget, and use stories of real outages to drill into interesting decisions made by the larger open source and vendor community in this ever-expanding collision of technology with engineer sleep patterns.

Audience: Everyone
Topic: BoFs

We'll be chatting about Dart (including Flutter), the language of all platforms: Server, Browser, iOS, Android, Desktop (soon), iOT (soon).

Audience: Everyone
Topic: BoFs

Debian is preparing a new release, buster. Before it can be released, we need to fix all of the release-critical bugs. Join us to help fix them!

Steven Rostedt
Audience: Developer
Topic: SysAdmin

Whether you are a veteran kernel developer or someone that is just curious to what their kernel does, ftrace is the tool to use to see what your kernel is doing. Ftrace, is the official tracer tool of the Linux kernel, that does much more than mere tracing. You can graph into the functions that are called within any function in the kernel, live while it is running. You can see what functions call a specific function for a given load. This talk will give you a taste of the depth of what ftrace has available for you.

Renee Lung
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: General

Haven't we all said at least once, "Burn it with fire! Let's start this whole thing from scratch!" We came pretty darn close to that. Working around the limitations and cruft of a monolith can be frustrating, but is breaking apart an application running in prod worth the risk to uptime and availability? This is the story of how PagerDuty decomposed our core product into distinct services with zero downtime and zero regrets.

Eduardo Silva
Audience: Intermediate

Scalability is a hard topic and scale Logging in a distributed environment is not an exception. In this presentation we will dive into the internals of logging for Kubernetes clusters and share best practices for advanced filtering, performance optimizations and suggested mechanisms to deal with backpressure.  

Alexander Rubin
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: MySQL

Deploying stateful applications on top of Kubernetes is very exciting topic nowadays. In this hands on talk, Alexander Rubin from Percona will talk about how to deploy databases (MySQL, Mongo) on Kubernetes. 

Mary Thengvall
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Mentoring

As we all know, avocados are full of fat, but if used at the right times, in the right ways, with the right combinations of items, they can be amazingly beneficial. In this lightning talk, I’ll give you 6 ways to use avocados to explain the value that Developer Relations teams bring to the table.

der hans
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Security

Steps to improve online privacy and security. Concrete technology to keep your personal information from leaking ( being exfiltrated ) from your personal devices. A non-technical survey of security and privacy tools and settings for people with an average threat model.