From Unsure to Secure: Basics for Getting Kubernetes Running Securely in Production



As you scale your use of containers, Kubernetes provides a simple centralized way to manage and orchestrate your containerized applications. But it also brings with it a new set of security challenges specific to the orchestration layer. In this talk, we'll outline the key steps necessary to get Kubernetes up and running securely - so you can deploy applications at scale with confidence.


This talk will detail the configuration of securing a host, then deploying and configuring Kubernetes, and finally how to shift-left container security and ensure that developers are doing the right things when developing the app. We'll talk a bit about the network security implementation on the Kubernetes network policy and automatic rule creation. We'll then dive into Kubernetes and Docker CIS benchmarks and how to apply them to your deployment. We'll also cover topics like how to lock down your ETCD server and Kubernetes secret injection.

Ballroom B
Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 18:00 to 19:00