MySQL Document Store - A NoSQL JSON Document Database


The MySQL Document Store is a NoSQL JSON Document Database built upon the MySQL Server.  It provides a way to use a database without setting up relational tables, relying on a database administrator, and uses a modern programming style -- no more ugly strings of Structured Query Language in your code. Plus it can also work with relational tables at the same time providing the best of both worlds. So now you have the option to use MySQL the traditional SQL way as a relational SQL database or a NoSQL schema-less database.

This is an introduction to the document store, the new X Devapi (built on Google Protobufs), and the new MySQL Shell. The new protocol has many features including server adminsitration, the ability to handle multiple asynchronous queries, and more. You will see how to use the new shell to mock up queries, how the new API is structured, and how it let you scale from 1 to many servers without changing your code.  

Room 101
Friday, March 8, 2019 - 10:00 to 11:00