Git Committed


How exactly do you work on creating a fix or feature in a given project? Sometimes development takes longer than expected and your branch is stale, now what? How can I make sure that I have covered my bases for not only the code changes but also how Ive tested and pushed my code? Im looking to cover the following in the talk: The subset of commands in git that will be covered are: - git add,git commit, git log,git status,git reset,git branch,git checkout,git rebase,git pull - Highlighting how this is only a very small subset of commands but it can be used to make a user very effective with git Branches: - What is the default branch (usually `master`) - Where do my branches originate from - Ensuring tests pass and `master` releasable at all times Remotes: - Exists remotely listening via ssh/http(s) - Github, gitlab, bitbucket, etc. - Used to `fetch` and/or `push` changes to centrally PR: The following should be done before `merge`: - Peer review - Continuous Integration Tests Pass (as long as they werent already broken) - Any other level of testing possible Once this is all signed off the `merge` to `master` may happen. After merge dont forget to get the latest changes from a remote a branch. Etiquette: - Setup your users local `.gitconfig` - Refactoring WIP commits - The PR should be reviewed by at least 1 other member of the team. - Fix any changes that break tests Common workflow scenarios: - Undo a commit - Updating master - Updating feature branch still in progress - Keeping fork repo up-to-date

Room 101
Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 11:30 to 12:30