eBPF Perf Tools 2019


eBPF performance analysis tools can drill down deep into application and kernel software, finding performance wins and troubleshooting issues that others cannot. There's been a big change in these tools recently: a higher-level front-end for eBPF was launched, bpftrace, allowing powerful one-liners and short scripts to be written. This talk will tour the current landscape of eBPF analysis tools in 2019: powerful complex tools based on bcc/eBPF, and ad hoc one-liners and short scripts based on bpftrace/eBPF. bcc and bpftrace are complimentary open source software, and eBPF is part of the Linux kernel. 2019 may be the year you upgrade to a kernel with eBPF, and can start using these tools to find wins in your environment.




Ballroom F
Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 15:00 to 16:00