Building a collaborative open source program at Uber


Building an open source program can be both rewarding and challenging. The broad scope of a successful open source program requires cross-functional coordination between multiple teams with differing goals, focus areas, perspectives, and timelines, including legal, engineering, design, product, business, marketing, and branding. When you’re operating at a global scale, these challenges are magnified. By analyzing your project activity, community, and processes, you’ll be able to better understand them, in turn becoming a data-driven open source program manager. This talk will address how open source leads can serve as enablers of building a collaborative open source program at their company. This presentation will also discuss the various considerations of building an open source program at a hypergrowth global company and how to streamline processes to develop a supportive and collaborative open source culture. Additionally, this talk will offer some examples of how community analytics can help manage open source programs in large-scale projects

Room 107
Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 11:30 to 12:30