UpSCALE is a set of lightening talks held at SCALE in partnership with, in the style of Ignite presentations. Speakers will get 5 minutes to enlighten the audience. Slides will auto-advance while chosen speakers deliver their message, a brief story of open source deliciousness. The format makes for a fast paced, fun event for participants and audience. The UpSCALE talks will take place on Saturday March 10th at 8pm in Ballroom DE. Please join us as members of the Free and Open Source community do their best to beat the clock and get their ideas out!


Brendan Gegg    CPU Utilization is WRONG
Kyle Rankin     Sex, Secret and God: A Brief History of Bad Passwords
Kim McMahon     Promoting Your Open Source Project and Building Online
Communities using Social Media and Communications
Pat David       PIXLS.US - Building a Freedom Based Photography Community
Kevin Fleming   Software Philanthropy for Everyone
Michael Williams        Mentoring and Creative Spaces
Michael Gat     You're a failure! Now what?
Keila Banks    
Corey Quinn     Death of an Enterprise Software Salesman

Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 20:00 to 21:00