Zuul - Crossing your CI dependency streams with ease


OpenStack runs one of the largest automated testing environments ever publicly viewed. Some might say you can even see it from space. While supporting the many hundreds of active developers, and landing many hundreds of well tested patches very day, the OpenStack infra team created an advanced Apache licensed CI engine named Zuul.

Until recently, Zuul has been focused entirely on OpenStack's CI space, but many users have sprouted from that. With v3.0 just around the corner, Zuul is ready to take on a wider community and scale your CI to the moon.

  • Zuul is tightly integrated with git and code-review based workflows, supporting both Gerrit and GitHub (public, and enterprise).
  • Don't migrate to a monorepo, keep your separation of concerns and use Zuul's cross repo testing and dependency management to test patches to multiple repositories together.
  • Patches backing up in the gate? No problem. Zuul speculatively merges approved patches and lands batches of patches as fast as they can pass tests, kicking bad ones out of the queue and automatically retrying those that need it.
  • Massive team with massive testing requirements? This is Zuul's bread and butter, just point it at an OpenStack cloud and elastically test with as much capacity as you need.

In this presentation we'll discuss Zuul's unique features, as well as those table-stakes CI engine features you need to know are there. We'll also talk about the Zuul community, where Zuul is headed, and how interested parties can try it and contribute to its development.

Ballroom A
Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 16:30 to 17:30