Stories from the trenches - Building and engaging open source communities


Building and nurturing a community is critical to sustaining a healthy open source project. The best way to support a community is to understand their needs and wants. Based on that knowledge, community managers focus on creating engaging content, validating questions and answers, providing resources and support to enable participation, and of course, promoting individual and group achievements. Increasingly, open source communities have relied on ambassador programs to deliver even more value to their most engaged community members and the community as a whole.


In this session, Jenny Burcio at Docker, Kaitlyn Barnard from CNCF and Jonas Rosland at {code} will share details about their community ambassador programs (Docker Captains, CNCF Ambassadors and {code} Catalysts).


They will cover:


  • Lessons learned from building open source community programs

  • The importance of ambassador programs, and how to manage one

  • How to measure and communicate value

Room 103
Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 15:00 to 16:00