Stepping out of your comfort zone


The IT industry is moving in a fast pace. We may be doing software development comfortably for the last 10 years but to keep ourselves relevant and stay employed, we need to move out of our comfort zone and learn new things.  This session will focus on the latest trend of the DevOps movement as well as some soft skills that a developer should have to make ourselves marketable and/or stay employed.

The presentation will be divided into 2 sections.

The first section will talk about the different areas of DevOps including it advantage, basic concept and related skills of automation, small unit testing, monitoring and the continuous feedback loop. Will point out, most of all how conviction and mind set is the most important element for DevOps.  Will touch on Agile programming and some initial problems that might a team might encountered based on personal experience.

The second section of the talk will focus on some of the soft skills that a developer should learn including collaboration with other developers and will explain some of the popular tools such as IRC and slack or even developing relationship with other developer at meetups or conferences. Will also talk about being a speaker and will let the audience know even for me where English is not my primary language can start presenting at conferences and to share useful information to other developers. I will talk about how to write a clear and to the point CFP and then using Mindmap to develope the thoughts and to translate them into slide deck in a format that can relate the information effectively to the audiences.  This session will also talk about how to use body languages, eye contact to engage with the audience and to avoid some common speaking pitfalls that can affect the quality of the presenteation.

The takeaway for the audiencs of this session is that they will be motivated to step out of the comfort zone and start to start venturing into different areas so as to stay relevant in the IT industry to be marketable and/or employable.

Ballroom DE
Friday, March 9, 2018 - 11:15 to 12:15