Reborn in IT


Some of the most talented people we work with come into the IT profession orthogonally, after starting out in different fields at the beginning of their careers.  Also, seasoned engineers who have always been in IT often find themselves in a rut after a few years, and want to shift to a different industry vertical.  And then there are other people who want to get heavily involved in Open Source later in life, after racking up accomplishments in a completely different industry.  These are all re-born engineers, and they are uniquely qualified to handle some of the hardest jobs in IT.  Yet, they all face the same challenge:  How to get picked for their dream engineering role if they are coming from a different background.

These special candidates have the potential to be much better choices than conventional contenders, but first they have to do battle with the notoriously cookie-cutter hiring guidelines in the IT Industry.

Based on a successful non-profit career development program in Southern California, this talk addresses the big challenges with making IT engineering dreams come true for you:

  • What you should do with your resume
  • What types of roles and employers you should target
  • How to help recruiters help you
  • Sample language for hiring managers trying to justify a special placement
  • What LUGs and Conferences can be doing to help
Room 103
Sunday, March 11, 2018 - 15:00 to 16:00