Open source digital data collection for field sciences


I will discuss how to construct and deply a paperless data collection workflow that focuses on the use of FOSS tools such as GeoODK, Qfield, OpenDroneMap, QGIS, and GRASS, and “off-the-shelf” technology such as mobile tablet computers, Bluetooth GPS, and aerial drones. A focus on FOSS tools ensures availability to all, encourages reproducibility and open scientific methods, and fosters wide compatibility in data collection strategies and storage formats. Examples will come from the field of Archaeology, but methods apply widely.

I will also discuss potential best practices for documenting the "meta-data" of field work and analysis through the use of scripted workflows and atumated database fields. I will talk about why these meta-data should be made available alongside finalized datasets and will provide some examples of ways to curate and disseminate these data via open online repositories. Finally, I will discuss the the impact that the Open Science movement is having on the practice of field science with specific examples from my own research as a Neolithic Archaeologist.

Room 104
Sunday, March 11, 2018 - 13:30 to 14:30