A Kubernetes Operator for PostgreSQL


In this talk, I will describe what a Kubernetes Operator is, how it is used within a containerized PostgreSQL environment, and the various features found in a reference implementation of an operator. Operators are useful in building an orchestration layer on top of a container platform such as Kubernetes. Orchestration features such as backup, restore, cloning, and upgrades will be highlighted. An operator is an extension of a cloud based PostgreSQL deployment and would be of interest to companies deploying PostgreSQL on cloud environments.

An overview of the architecture will be presented that describes the key components as well as the key design considerations. The overview will be followed by a demonstration of a working operator implementation.

The talk is based on an open source operator implementation and is freely available for attendees to download and try out at the GitHub repository https://github.com/CrunchyData/postgres-operator.

The speaker, Sarah Conway, works for Crunchy Data and is a developer of the open source PostgreSQL operator demonstrated in this talk.

Room 107
Friday, March 9, 2018 - 10:00 to 11:00