Ignite Workshop


Have you ever wanted to give an Ignite talk, but not known where to start? Are you new to public speaking and having trouble arranging your talk? Are you a savvy speaker but want some tips to help brush up on short form talks? Do you just want to work on your presentation skills? Then this workshop is for you!


This hands-on workshop will take you through the process of putting together your first Ignite talk. We will pick topics in the class, and everyone will build their talks together. You will present several iterations of your talk to individual members of the class as you learn how to break a big idea into smaller discrete pieces, practice your timing, and get comfortable speaking about your topic.


This is a fast paced workshop that alternates between brief periods of instruction and extended periods of guided independent work. Bring a laptop, your favorite slide software (or an account you can use to access Google Slides), and a bottle of water.

One class member will be selected to present their session during UpSCALE on Friday night at 8pm.

Room 211
Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 10:00 to 15:00