A Beautiful Build: Releasing Linux Source Correctly


Most embedded computing products run Linux. However, obtaining the complete, corresponding source code (CCS), which Linux's license (the GNU GPL) requires, can prove difficult. The license dictates certain technical requirements; verification of a source code release for license compliance therefore requires technical analysis. After years of reviewing many source releases for embedded Linux products, the speaker discovered (finally!) an excellent example of CCS, which not only meets the requirements of the GPL, but also enables and encourages users to take advantage of their rights to modify and install new versions of the software on their device.

This talk briefly discusses the components of the router's source release, and then explains the aspects of the source release that made it particularly outstanding. The talk proposes methods to achieve similar compliance successes on embedded products, suggests procedures for increasing the "tinkerer" userbase by improving beyond even what this excellent example provided, and gives insight into and perspective on compliance engineering analysis that occurs during GPL compliance work.

Room 104
Saturday, March 4, 2017 - 18:00 to 19:00