Exhibit Hall Hours:
Friday Mar 3rd 2pm - 6pm
Saturday Mar 4th 10am - 6pm
Sunday Mar 5th 10am - 2pm

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Nextcloud is a self-hosted file sync and share server. It provides access to your data through a web interface, sync clients or WebDAV while providing a platform to view, sync and share across devices easily — all under your control. Nextcloud’s open architecture is extensible via a simple but powerful API for applications and plugins and it works with any storage. Our last release integrated audio/video chat and we offer Collabora Online integration, making it easy to edit documents and work with others.

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Powering half of the world's busiest sites, NGINX is the heart of the modern web. We help you deploy and deliver your sites and apps with performance, reliability, security, and scale. We do this by providing a complete application delivery platform, NGINX Plus: combining load balancing, content caching, web serving, security controls, and monitoring in one easy to use software package.

San Francisco–based No Starch Press has published the finest in geek entertainment since 1994, covering topics like hacking, open source/Linux, LEGO,​ science, math, and programming for all ages. Our titles have personality and attitude, our authors are passionate about their subjects, and we read and edit every book that bears our name. Our goal is to make computing accessible to technophile and novice alike, and our readers appreciate our straightforward presentation and fearless approach to the complex world of technology.

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O'Reilly media is the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. Learn the way you learn best -- on your own, with a group, or with a guide.

olpc2.0: About nine years ago the rugged little green and white laptops from the One Laptop Per Child Foundation caught the fancy of the world. They, and their Sugar software, are still around and have inspired some of its early users to create and develop new and innovative projects. Stop by our booth and see what new and exciting things are going on!


As a global non-profit, The Open Source Initiative (OSI) protects and promotes open source software, development and communities, championing software freedom in society through education, collaboration, and infrastructure, stewarding the Open Source Definition (OSD), and preventing abuse of the ideals and ethos inherent to the open source movement.

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OpenShift is Red Hat's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that allows developers to quickly develop, host, and scale applications in a cloud environment. With OpenShift you have a choice of offerings, including online, on-premise, and open source project options.

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Opensource.com publishes stories about creating, adopting, and sharing open source solutions. Visit Opensource.com to learn more about how the open source way is improving technologies, education, business, government, health, law, entertainment, humanitarian efforts, and more. Submit a story idea, email us, or chat with us in Freenode IRC (#opensource.com) to learn more about our community. Find us on Twitter: @opensourceway

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OpenX is a global leader in digital and mobile advertising technology. We create highly efficient, high quality programmatic advertising markets that deliver optimal value to buyers and sellers and evolve rapidly to support the growth of the digital economy across screens and formats.