Modifying the Kernel: A How-To


At over 15 million lines of code, it's safe to say the Linux Kernel is a complex behemoth of open source software.  Making modifications to the kernel is well within your reach, though! This talk will explain step by step how to make, test, and debug small modifications to the linux kernel.  We will go over how to use your Shiny New Modified kernel to boot a VM, how to compile the Linux Kernel, and how to debug any issues you may have. 

This talk will not:

* Suggest contributions you can make to the kernel

* Explain C, or writing C

* Describe all of the complex workings of the kernel

 It will:

* Explain a few of the important, user-friendly-ish parts of the kernel

* Walk you through setting up a VM which you can use to boot your kernel

* Explain compiling the kernel

Room 211
Saturday, January 23, 2016 - 11:30 to 12:30