What's preventing your organization from using Free/Open Source Software today?


In the last few years, computing has grown up. The President of the US sat down and wrote some computer code. Your parents recognize phrases like "open source" and "linux" not just because of the stickers on your laptop, but because they heard them on the radio. Your company or organization dutifully releases source code and contributes to the community, but you're still dependent upon proprietary software, even when perfectly good FOSS alternatives exist. If there's an open alternative, why aren't you using it? As a member of a project, what can you do to help other FOSS projects escape proprietary software and use your software instead? Replacing closed-source software with FOSS alternatives doesn't have to be painful, and sometimes perceived barriers to adoption are based on old information, outdated software, and misconceptions. In this talk, I’ll share insights I’ve gained from discussing and helping organizations and projects with their own migrations. Topics will include:

  • Discovering which projects can serve your needs and which projects could benefit from your tools
  • Building a positive relationship between projects from scratch
  • Identifying barriers to migration and routing around them
  • The benefits of helping other projects migrate to and effectively use your software
  • Beyond dogfooding: Future collaboration between projects
Los Angeles C
Friday, February 20, 2015 - 14:30 to 15:30