Cloud Herding: Delivering Services Across Multiple Environments


What is "Cloud Management"? In a datacenter, you might have 2 or more virtualization management platforms, with a private cloud running alongside, and some workloads running in a public cloud. ManageIQ gives admins and developers a way to seamlessly deliver services from multiple cloud and virtualization platforms.

Across your cloud and virtualization platforms, you'll need to enforce some kind of consistency in who can consume your resources, integrate with approval workflows, and be aware of waste when it is happening. Maybe you also want to automate the provisioning of instances, integrate with a service catalog or configuration management system. Perhaps you want to know when VMs are vulnerable to security issues, prevent new VMs to be created from known-bad templates, and perform some clean-up of services when they are retired.

These are all cloud management problems. Whether it's curing VM sprawl or finding and fixing hot spots in the data center, this presentation will give you tools and techniques you can use to manage it all.

Century AB
Friday, February 20, 2015 - 14:45 to 15:30